Trump Odds: From Russia with Trump – The collu-sion’s in the title

Will The Donald be officially accused of Russian collusion? It's just one of hundreds of Trump odds that are now live on


Members of Donald Trump’s administration with questionable links to Vladimir Putin could start to emerge like Russian dolls, after the shock resignation of national security advisor Michael Flynn.

The politics traders in Paddy Power have swooped into action and now make it 5/1 that the President is officially accused of Russian collusion on the back of the Flynn scandal.

To illustrate the point (and because the pressure is on to ensure everyone is talking about us before a fairly major racing festival next month) the cheeky scamps in the marketing team today released an advert showing just how close the US and Russia are. Enjoy a little giggle at the below – before slowly realising just what a scary place the world is with The Donald at the controls.

While Trump gets stuck in to his first stint in the White House, our politics traders have had a field day and there’s now more than 100 betting specials on Donald Trump over at We’re covering everything from domestic issues, foreign affairs, the Mexican wall, family dilemmas, and even whethe ror not Trump will grow a ‘Hitler Moustache’ (25/1 if you’re interested!)

There’s a special range of Russian themed bets that punters are Putin money on as well.


  • Trump to have a Russian airport named after him (12/1)
  • The President to holiday in Russia every year of his term (33/1)
  • Trump and Putin to receive a joint Nobel Peace Prize (66/1)
  • And the businessman-turned-leader to sell Alaska back to the Russians (100/1).

Paddy Power himself managed to fit a solid couple of gags into his quote on the latest stunt: ‘There was me worrying about 2017 having no major sporting event – I just need to tune into the Trump Show, which is on daily, on Fake News shows everywhere. We’ve been Russian out various markets on the President ever since his election – at this rate, we might have to build a whole new website just for him. We’ve a shower of golden bets on Trump, to take the edge off the reality of his reign.’

Trump and Russia

Trump to be impeached: 2/1
Trump to be officially accused of Russian collusion: 5/1
Trump to accidentally refer to Putin as ‘Vlad’ in a press conference: 7/1
Trump to have a Russian airport named after him: 12/1
Trump to holiday in Russia every year of his Presidency: 33/1
Trump and Putin to receive joint Nobel Peace Prize: 66/1
Trump to sell Alaska back to the Russians: 100/1

Next member of Trump administration to resign

Jeff Sessions: 9/2
Rex Tillerson: 6/1
Betsy DeVos: 6/1
James Mathis: 17/2
Rick Perry: 10/1
Ben Carson: 10/1
Elaine Chao: 10/1
Ryan Zinke: 10/1
Sonny Perdue: 10/1

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