Clinton drifts in market to win US election after latest email scandal

This is worse than a bad episode of Law and Order at this stage


Hillary Clinton’s odds in the US Presidential race have drifted from 2/9 to 3/10, the significant move comes directly off the back of the FBI’s renewed investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

This incident has seemingly again cast doubts over her suitability for the White House in the minds of American voters.

The news hasn’t been lost on Trump backers either, as we’ve been forced to shorten the odds on a Trump win from 5/1 to 11/4 after sustained support for the Republican candidate.

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And one punter certainly thinks the latest allegations against Hillary have boosted the chances of Trump, after they placed a £10,000 bet on The Donald in one of the our London shops.

The latest twist has left Paddy feeling a little queasy too. Just two weeks ago we paid out over £800,000 on Hillary to win the election.

If the unthinkable happens and Trump wins, it will be the biggest political payout in history for the company, and leave Paddy with some very expensive egg on their faces.

Asked about the scandal spokesman Paddy Power said: “Since the FBI announced their investigation into Clinton’s emails we’ve seen the democrat take a walk in the market with her odds drifting from 2/9 to 3/10.

The feeling is she’ll shake this off just like she has done in the past but the latest revelations might just give Trump a sniff despite looking dead and buried a couple of weeks ago.”

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