Watch: What the puck?! Camera smashed as rink reporter has a near-miss

Ice hockey pucks tend to fly around at a fair rate, so any time one zips by your nose, count yourself lucky. That camera will need fixing though...



Or whatever the American equivalent is.

You need your wits about you if you’re in the crowd at an ice hockey game. Assuming you don’t end up in a ruck with the brawlers on the ice, or get hacked at with a hockey stick, you’ve still got lumps of rock-solid rubber flying about at speeds faster than the paparazzi chase Meghan Markle.

Having a good dentist could come in handy if the puck jumps from the playing surface and into your chops.

One rinkside reporter nearly found out all about that during last night’s NHL game between Tampa and Columbus – and his camera op colleague was left nursing some damaged kit when an off-target puck smashed straight into the TV lens.

Try not to duck as you watch this:

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Thanks to NBC for sharing the footage.

It just goes to show you don’t need to be on the ice to go flying like Gemma Collins, though maybe Torville and Dean could show you how to dodge them as gracefully as possible.

Though we’re not sure the warranty on your camera will cover any damage mate, you were literally standing by the ice. What do you expect?

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