Kenny guess what they’ll call it? Olympic cyclists are adding a third wheel to their family

Olympic champions Jason and Laura Kenny are expecting their first child

Team GB cycling superstars Jason and Laura Kenny have ‘spoke’, announcing their pregnancy, which will surely have a stabilising effect on their jet-set lifestyles.

Between them, the pair have won 10 Olympic gold medals, and that might not be all for the family haul – we’re making it 4/1 that their child goes on to compete at an Olympics.

And we’ve also priced up the unborn Kenny’s chances of winning more gold medals than its parents (10/1).


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In terms of baby names, the couple have plenty of cycling contemporaries they could pay tribute to – we’re making Bradley (6/1) the favourite for the baby’s name, in a nod to Sir Bradley Wiggins.

Wiggo (33/1), however, is less popular in the market. Victoria (10/1) is a leading contender for a girl’s name, after Victoria Pendleton, while Lance (9/1) would be a controversial choice, given the exploits of American cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Asked about the future arrival spokesman Paddy Power said: “OK, so the Kennys can cope with the pressure of elite sport – but can they handlebars a baby?

“I’m sure they’re wheely excited, though, and are clearly gearing up already. These two might track cycling phenomenon, but parenthood is more like mountain biking – some steep hills and rapid descents. Good luck, guys!”

Jason and Laura Kenny baby names

6/1         Bradley
9/1         Lance
10/1       Victoria
12/1       Laura
14/1       Jason
20/1       Byker
25/1       Cav
33/1       Wiggo
80/1       Sir Chris

Jason and Laura Kenny baby specials

4/1         To compete at the Olympics
10/1       To win more Gold medals than either parent

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