Watch: NFL player celebrates by dropping the People’s Elbow

If you smellllllllll, what Golden Tate is cookin’!

Back in May this year, the welcome news came through that the NFL were relaxing the rules on player celebrations and allowing them to get a little more creative after a score.

This has led to group dances, press conferences and duck-duck-goose in the end zone after a touchdown and we believe the league is a better place for it this season.

However, Golden Tate raised a few eyebrows last night with his wrestling-inspired festivities after landing a wonderful touchdown for the Detroit Lions against the New Orleans Saints.

Already this year we’ve seen the Walls of Jericho work in MMA, but Tate went a different route and used The Rock’s People’s Elbow manoeuvre to lay the smack-down on the ball.

Even the Great One himself approved it seems!

We’re just waiting for someone to land Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb off the goal post next…

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