WATCH: Jonno Mears explains how and why he pulled off the ‘Boston Crab’ submission

The submission thrilled the MMA world with its audacity...


In case you missed it, MMA fighter Jonno Mears defeated his opponent Aaron Jones with a rather unusual submission at Full Contact Contender 19. The welterweight contest ended with the surprising sight of Mears perched atop his face-down adversary, thumbs up and tongue out, in a move reminiscent of Chris Jericho’s famous Walls of Jericho.

The submission, denoted in most places as the Boston Crab, thrilled the MMA world with its audacity and catapulted Mears into the limelight. But, speaking to Obviously Fight Talk in the aftermath of the bout, the Irish-English fighter made it clear that the Crab/Jericho move was something he’d been considering for quite some time.

“I’ve actually played with it in training… So obviously, it’s in the back of my mind all the time – on my debut I was hoping to use it but my opponent only lasted 23 seconds…

“When we drill it and train it, if you put the thumbs up after you’ve hooked the legs in, it actually becomes tighter, it torques your body and brings you up to your tip toes and puts more torque on the submission.”

Make sure to watch the video above to see Mears’ full explanation of how he ended up in a position to execute the move, as well as his plans for the future…

Don’t forget as well to check out the full show from Obviously Fight Talk, which you can watch below or on their YouTube channel. Make sure also to follow them on Twitter.

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