NFL Week Six recap: The Hail Mary king goes down


We’re getting to the stage now where the season is starting to take shape.

Some shapes are better than others. Some shapes are a lot better than others.

Here’s some takeaways from week six of the National Football League.

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Champagne in Miami

It’s that time of year again. With the fall of the Kansas City Chiefs to Big Ben’s purpose-built offence, the ’72 Dolphins can once again meet up for a few drinks to celebrate being the only undefeated team in the history of the league.

But what does this mean for Kansas City?

Well, Los Angeles (it’s still weird not saying San Diego) are the only team that picked up a win in the AFC West this week, so Andy Reid and co don’t come under too much pressure. Even still, they had six total yards of offence through the first half.

There’ll be games like that. Funnily, they still only lost by six points and were driving with a chance to take the lead late in the game.

For all the pre-season hype surrounding teams that could possibly do it, those Dolphins remain the only untouchables. They enjoy their annual drink in the knowledge that the influx of injuries and the ageing of Bill Belichick means they’re probably going to be the only ones to ever do it. More power to them.

Packer Pathos

It feels like every week we’re dealt with an equally devastating injury to a superstar in the league.

Not that you can rank injuries of course, but some stand out. Aaron Rodgers escaped the pocket to his right before looking downfield for a completion. As he did, Minnesota linebacker Anthony Barr came in with a perfectly, clean and legal hit on the superstar quarterback.

He’s taken so many of those hits over the years that people didn’t really bat an eyelid until he visibly struggled to sit up. He was removed from the game before being x-rayed. An hour or so later, the concerns were confirmed as the Packers announced he had broken his collarbone.

It’s horrible for him, it’s horrible for the Packers, it’s horrible for the league – but it’s also horrible for the sport. Rodgers might be the most naturally gifted player the NFL has ever seen, and games without him make the sport less exciting.

Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery and is backing dishing Hail Marys sooner rather than later.

A Feast in the East

The most boring division in football for so long has somehow had new life breathed into it. If you’re an avid reader of our NFL pieces, you’ve have known the Patriots would struggle this year.

However, nobody really expected the Jets, Bills and Dolphins to be anything above poor to average. That’s usually enough for the Brady bunch to notch eleven wins – even in a bad year.

Yet, while the Patriots remain top of the pile, the Fins, Jets and Bills remain within touching distance. New England are a couple of awkward inter-divisional results away from an uncomfortable run-in and nobody saw that coming.

It’s worth noting that Miami are doing this without any form of offence, Buffalo are keeping tabs in light of the fact they’ve next to nothing offensively bar Shady McCoy and the Jets were predicted to be the worst team in football, yet they’re all one win over the Patriots away from leapfrogging them.

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