Paddy Power takes aim at ‘after-timer’ punters who ruin racing with brilliant rant

Paddy is really upset about this one

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It’s been a while since we heard an epic rant from Paddy Power – but he’s now back in top form.

The big man got riled up in the latest episode of our the From The Horse’s Mouth podcast on Monday during a debate (well, not so much a debate, really) about ‘after-timers’.

That’s right, Paddy got well and truly stuck into those punters who claim they backed a winner after the race is over and take great delight in smugly revealing they knew how the contest would pan out.

He says they ruin a day out at the races for everybody else, and he’s sick and tired of having to hear them down at the track.

You can hear Paddy’s rant from the podcast on the link below.

The whole point of having a bet is to enjoy it and having one to cheer home. Before the race, tell as many people as you like [what you’ve bet on].

Just be careful with ante-post. If you brag about ‘I backed this at 20/1 and it’s gone off at 6/4’ you’re gonna have to do it beforehand, in case it gets beaten.

It’s pretty annoying when you get someone saying ‘I backed him at 25/1 yesterday but he’s 5/1 for you lads.’

That’s annoying, and a bit of after-timing before the race, but what’s most annoying is when the favourite gets beat and you’ve backed it. Some fella then says ‘that had no chance!’.

It was an even-money favourite but that had zero chance, as far as he’s concerned.

He’s wrong – of course it had a bloody chance! It’s a favourite in a race, but the way that he goes on like because you’ve backed it you’re an absolute idiot.

When you lose money it’s annoying, so you don’t want someone to rub it in.

People like that, there’s probably a special place in hell for them, but you really shouldn’t have them near you.

They ruin an enjoyable day out at the races.

It is something, as you might have been able to gather, that I feel quite passionately about. I actually really hate after-timers.

To try and simplify it, an after-timer is someone who tries to claim they would have done something after knowing the result. They would have backed those numbers in the lottery, or whatever.

It’s obviously complete bullsh*t, and there’s some unwritten weird politeness that you don’t call them up on it when you should just in fact punch them in the nose!”



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