How many bets in a treble?

There are three bets in a treble and this option is popular among bettors seeking to push their profit potential.

bets in a treble

A treble bet is one of the quickest way to supercharge your odds and maximise profit potential from sports betting. The treble is a common device in both horse racing and football betting, when knowledgeable punters back multiple outcomes across a number of events.

In recent years more and more bettors have been experimenting with trebles in other sports too. Tennis, golf and darts are ideal sports for trebles.

In this guide we’ll take you through the basics of treble betting, from creating a wager to calculating your odds.

Number of bets in a treble

Let’s start with the basics. There are three bets in a treble, as the name suggests. These three bets have no sporting correlation with each other. However, they are connected by the structure of the bet.

That’s because a treble bet requires all three selections to win. For example, you might pick the winner of three horse races this coming Saturday.

Why place a treble bet? Well, because you greatly enhance your profit potential when you combine selections together. Say, for example, you bet £10 each on three horses to win their individual races, each priced at 2/1. Your maximum profit would be £60 (3 x £20 profits).

However, if you combine all three selections into a treble and bet the same £30 stake your profit potential is £810.

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Treble bet horse racing example

The most common sport for a treble bet is horse racing. This is because many racing punters have already poured over the odds and are ready to back a string of winners on the day’s races. So, rather than bet on each individual race, it makes sense to throw those picks together and enhance the profit potential.

Here’s an example of a treble bet in horse racing:

  • Imac Wood at 3.00 in the 14:37 at Hereford
  • Famoso at 5.50 in the 15:07 at Hereford
  • Major Fortune at 2.50 in the 15:37 at Hereford

treble bet horse racing

Two of these horses are favourites, while Famoso is the second favourite and a good pick to win. Combined, their odds on a £5 bet pay out £206.25 – far more than if you wagered on them individually.

Treble bets are ideal when you’re new to horse racing betting because they’re easy to use and focus primarily on race winners.

Treble bet football example

Most football betting fans focus on accas in football and a treble is effectively a three-fold accumulator. There’s no difference, only that trebles have been around for much longer in the world of sports betting, so the terminology still exists.

How do football accumulators work?

Football is perfect for treble bets because there’s just so many variables to choose from, and so many fixtures taking place at once. The most common football trebles are to either bet on three match results in the Saturday 3pm games, or combine three outcomes in one match under a three-fold acca.

This latter option is also ideal for players who place bet builders. Here’s an example of a football treble in action:

  • Senegal to beat Gambia at 1.25
  • Cameroon to beat Guinea at 2.05
  • Algeria and Angola to draw at 3.50

football treble bet

Here, you’re able to bet on two heavy favourites (Senegal and Cameroon) and throw in an outside bet (Algeria and Angola to draw) in order to bump up your profit potential. A £10 wager here pays out £89.69.

Treble bet darts example

Darts, snooker, tennis and other individual sports are great for trebles because bettors have a lot more control over their predictions. An individual darts or snooker player is more predictable than a team of footballers or rugby players. So, it stands to reason that form, ranking and past results will help when it comes to making winning bet choices.

This results in punters focusing on big favourites in events like the World Darts Championship, the Masters Snooker, and Wimbledon. The idea is to throw the favourites into a bit multiple bet and reap greater profits off three dead-certs.

A darts treble could look something like this:

  • Scott Walters to beat Kristiaan de Boer at 1.40
  • Mareno Michels to beat Lisa Ashton at 1.36
  • J.T Davis to beat Steve Plumstead at 1.29

treble bet darts

All three favourites should win here but their profit potential is miniscule. Adding them into a darts treble transforms your maximum profit to £24.55 off a £10 stake, without feeling as though you’ve added too much risk to your selections.

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