How many bets in a double?

There are two bets in a double and this bet type is ideal for new punters seeking to branch out

bets in a double

Double bets are one of the best ways to develop your betting strategy without risking too much per wager. The idea is to clump together two single bets into one double, and maximise your profit potential.

In this guide we’ll explain the number of bets in a double and lay out a few examples from different sports. See what types of sports are perfect for betting on doubles, and what to look out for when deciding on your selections.


Number of bets in a double

Let’s start with the basics. There are two bets in a double bet. Both are single selections and, combined, they form a double.

Both selections must win in order for the double to pay out. If one selection fails then the entire bet falls apart.

The reason punters go for double bets rather than wagering on two singles is because of the odds. You get much better odds for a double due to the increased risk. Remember, if one selection loses then the entire bet is off.

Were you to place two single bets and one of them lost then it wouldn’t affect the other one.

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Best sport for double bets

Now you know how many bets are in a double, it’s time to look at the sports where this bet type is best suited. For many punters horse racing will be the go-to choice for a double. However, the Paddy Power sportsbook allows you to create double bets in practically all sports!

Here are the best ones for newcomers to this bet type:

Double bet horse racing example

In horse racing, double bets are used to back winners in two separate races. Many punters go for back-to-back races at the same race meeting and create doubles, rather than bet on individual races.

For example, you might choose to bet on:

  • Young Buster at 2.75 in the 13:00 at Kelso
  • Hattons Gardens at 6.00 in the 13:35 at Kelso

If you bet £10 on the double and both horses win then you earn £165 returns!

horse racing double bet

Double bets are ideal in horse racing because they prioritise race winners and are very straightforward. Plus you can always go more complicated and opt for double each way bets.

Double bet football example

Football is another sport where double bets are ideal because punters like to bet on more than one game at once. This makes betting on the Champions League, World Cup and 3pm Saturday kick-offs all the more fun.

Most punters will consider a double bet in football as effectively a very, very small accumulator. That’s because it is! Both your picks need to win in order to secure a payout, just like with an acca.

However, the difference here is that you don’t get Paddy Power Acca Insurance with a double, because this feature requires you to place a five-fold at the very least.

football double bet example

Still, here’s a football double bet in action. You plan to bet on the Euro qualifiers. Your picks are:

  • Georgia to beat Luxembourg at 2.05
  • Greece to beat Kazakhstan at 1.40

By placing a £10 double bet you generate potential returns of £28.70. Had you stuck with two £5 singles bets then your total return would have been £17.25.

Double bet golf example

Golf is where double bets get really interesting. That’s because you’re likely to be betting on two individuals in the same tournament. They can therefore affect each other’s result, which clashes with a double bet.

double bet golf example

So, in golf when you bet on doubles you need to spread across more than one tournament. 

Here’s an example. You decide to bet £10 on:

  • Cameron Davis to win the Australian Open at 8.00
  • Thriston Lawrence to place in the top 10 of the South African Open at 2.75

Your tennis generates £220 returns if both bets win. The beauty of golf double bets is you can be more experimental.

Want to work out your double bet? Use our double bet calculator today!


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