Golf Tips: Ben Coley’s Open de France & President’s Cup Value Picks

The Sporting Life's Ben Coley's tip for the Open de France and President's Cup


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Ben Coley’s Open de France Picks:

Adrian Otaegui

Andy Sullivan (Best Bet)

Rob Catterson is joined again by Sporting Life’s Ben Coley who’s been on a mighty run of picks lately. This week all eyes will be on the Open de France where America’s Patrick Reed and Belgium’s Thomas Pieters are the favourites but Ben is looking further down the field and both Adrian Otaegui & Andy Sullivan have caught his eye. We’ll also be turning our attention to the President’s Cup which will come to an end this coming Sunday.


Open de France

I like the look of Adrian Otaegui and Andy Sullivan; two golfers who aren’t particularly flashy; they hit fareways and greens when they’re on song. Otaegui’s had a really solid year. He played a couple of LIV events and it looks like he’s no longer required over in those so he can focus on Europe again. If you go on strokes gained this year, he’s one of the Top 10 players in Europe so he’s had a really, quietly successful year. He’s contended a number of times, he’s got four Top 5 finishes. Obviously we’ve got a couple of more places to play with here and it’s a course he really likes. He contended here a couple of times when the fields were much, much stronger.

Andy Sullivan likewise, at his peak he was a player who would always threaten here. He played well here three years ago when last they were in Paris as well and he really wasn’t in a good place at the time so I think it tells you who much he loves the course. For me he’s been one of the biggest eye-catchers of the last six weeks on the European Tour. He just needs a drop in grade as we’ve got here and a shorter golf course; I think he’s go really well.

Best Pick: Andy Sullivan
For me he’s been a massive eye-catcher over the last couple of months. I was on him in Denmark, he played really, really well there but he didn’t make enough putts. I think they’ll drop soon and when they do he could be one to watch out for.

President’s Cup

USA to Win 20pts-10pts
I’d be looking for something in the region of 20-10 points. I think the gap between these sides is that wide. The one caveat is that come Sunday they might just ease off the gas but they might already have 14 or 15 points by then anyway. So, 19, 20, 21. There’s some talk that 22 points is the target because they’ve never reached that before. I hope it doesn’t become that much of a bloodbath. 20-10 points would get my vote.

President’s Cup: Player Pick: Jordan Spieth

I like Jordan Spieth here. I think he’s been overlooked a little bit. If you look at his odds versus Justin Thomas, who I think he’ll probably play with for most of the week, there’s quite a big disparity between them. Now, that’s partly because Jordan Spieth has got a terrible singles record but I actually think that could be a positive here and the reason is come Sunday if the USA are eight, ten points clear as they may well be; incentive among that side to go and continue to focus and continue to play their best golf might just be lacking, even top professionals as they are, it can slip.

It did in 2017 when they lost the singles session despite being miles clear. Jordan Spieth has not yet won a singles point in seven tries for the USA, he’ll be desperate to put that right. So, if that maintains his focus through to Sunday then it might be the difference maker and you’ll get a good price for him. We know obviously his best golf is on a par with anybodys in the event. So, I think he’s the value call and you can back him both to be the Top USA Scorer and the Top Overall Scorer which he really should be one of in that United States Team.

*All prices are bang up to date with our snazzy widgets, while odds in copy are accurate at time of publishing but subject to change


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