Mind your language! Watford top table of Premier League’s sweariest fans

It looks like the pressure is getting to foul-mouthed Hornets fans.

Watford fans


With the Premier League back in full swing, it’s been a good opportunity to take a seat on our socially-distanced sofas and become the ultimate armchair fan.

And by doing that, it seems it’s been a sweary time for football supporters, too.

New research from Paddy Power has been released today, which looks at the unique and colourful language used by Premier League followers across the globe.

Top of the profanity Pops is relegation-threatened Watford, and it’s hardly a surprise that Jose Mourinho is causing the Spurs faithful to dish out expletives – we can only imagine what their blood pressure scores must look like.

Premier League's sweariest fans

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The research, conducted over a two-week period to July 7th, looks at over 55,000 tweets using common club hashtags and reveals that Watford fans, with their relegation threat looming large, are the most profane – with 8.5% of all tweets containing a swear word.

Second to Watford were Crystal Palace supporters (8.2%), with the Eagles seemingly unsettled with their mid-table mediocrity, and Spurs fanbase (7.1%) where Jose Mourinho’s meddling has caused a feeling of resentment among the club’s followers. At the other end of the table, Red Devils fans look to be as United as ever.

Sweariest Football Fans

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side’s solid performances post-lockdown, Manchester United supporters swore on less than 1% of occasions. Burnley fans (1.3%) and the Everton faithful (1.4%) also displayed a low profanity percentage.

The research also looks at specific language used and shows that, of all the favoured swear words, ‘f*ck’ was the most common, being attributed to over half (50.4%) of offensive tweets. with ‘sh*t’ (25.1%) in second place and ‘bloody’ (4.4%) a distant third. Some other notable entries included the likes of ‘pr*ck’ (0.9%), ‘b*llend’ (0.3%) and ‘w*nk’ (2.3%).

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