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Watch: Arsenal fan records scarcely believable anti-Wenger rap video

He’s not one bit happy with the Gunners boss and he wants the world to know!

It seems for Arsenal fans these days you must be part of two tribes, just watch Arsenal TV for about ten seconds if you want evidence of that.

You’re either in favour of keeping manager Arsene Wenger or you want the man who’s spent the last 20 years in charge of the Gunners out.

Arsenal are now nine points of the Premier League’s summit thanks to Tuesday’s home defeat to Watford and that loss has driven one fan to extreme measures! Going under the name of Uncle Ed the Gunners fan has taken to YouTube to release a Wenger ‘diss’ track that has to be seen to be believe.

It’s clear from the lyrics he wants Wenger to be removed from the hotseat at the Emirates and there’s digs at Aaron Ramsey’s positioning, the failed Luis Suarez transfer and even the purchase of Yaya Sanogo.

We are just giving you a taster, as the full version has brief second of a very NSFW scene. However, if really want to see it you can view it here.

Only at Arsenal eh?

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