Rooney bids to boost Birmingham morale with team sparring session in kitchen

Christmas knockabout round Wazza's, wahey!!!


Birmingham City boss Wayne Rooney is hoping to boost morale amongst his struggling players by hosting a boozed-up kitchen boxing bout at his home.

Last night’s 3-2 defeat by Leicester at St Andrews means that Rooney’s Birmingham have just two wins from eleven games since he took charge in October.

Wayne Rooney Derby

So, in a bid to turn around his side’s fortunes, the former Manchester United striker has organized a team bonding session at his home where players can drink red wine and knock seven shades of sh*te out of each other.

‘I know some managers would have gone down the more traditional route of paintballing or indoor go karting, but I always enjoyed lacing up me gloves and punching me teammates around me kitchen’, Rooney told Paddy Power News.

‘Sure, an escape room can be decent craic, but have you ever been sparked out on a kitchen floor covered in Pinot Noir? There’s nothing like it’.

When asked what the evening would entail, the 38-year-old said:

‘It’s BOYG – bring your own gloves – but if some of the lads forget theirs then they can fight bareknuckle. No big deal’.

‘Most of the lads have no prior fighting experience, so we aren’t expecting much in terms of quality. That being said. It couldn’t be any worse than what Logan Paul and Dillon Danis served up’.

‘I told them to just go in there and enjoy it. Once you step between the breakfast bar and the dishwasher, there’s no better feeling in the world’.

Upon hearing the news, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn offered Birmingham £1 billion for the exclusive rights to show the fights on the streaming service DAZN.

‘There is £1 billion on the table for Birmingham with only one condition. That the fights are moved to a kitchen in Saudi Arabia’.

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that a bare-chested John Fury has been spotted near Rooney’s Cheshire home.

    *Paddy Power’s football coverage is pure fantasy – don’t believe it for a second

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