Breaking: Liverpool fears mount as Sergio Ramos spotted near Stade de France ​

He couldn't... could he?


Panic has engulfed Liverpool’s players, staff, and supporters with news that Sergio Ramos has been spotted walking past the Stade de France with a mischievous look on his face.

Understood to be the most hated man on Merseyside for trying to end the life of Mo Salah during the 2018 Champions League final, senior officials at Liverpool have been put on red alert just in case the Spaniard has decided to come back and “finish the job”.

“This is a high-risk situation, so we’ve had to put Mo into hiding,” a club spokesperson said. “Alisson, Virgil, Trent and Sadio are under 24-hour police surveillance too in a secure location.

“We cannot take any risks whatsoever with that maniac walking around the streets of Paris.”

Despite the former Spain captain no longer plying his trade for Real Madrid, it hasn’t stopped supporters and media hyping up the occasion to be one of revenge for Liverpool over Madrid – and for Mo Salah over Ramos, too.

Paddy Power News spoke to Liverpool fan Terry Keegan ahead of the game, who said:

“We deserved to win that 2018 final. If you read the autobiography of Loris Karius you’ll know that he only made those howlers because of what Ramos did to little Mo.


“Every time the ball went near our keeper, he kept visualising that savage attack, ultimately scaring himself stiff and leading to those handling errors.”

However, our passionate source is confident they can right the 2018 wrong.

Mohamed Salah Liverpool Ajax December 1, 2020

“Things will be different this time, mark my words – we’ll win 3-0 with Mo scoring a hattrick.

“Then he’ll run into the stands, deliver a vertical suplex to Ramos in his corporate box, and sign a new contract using the sweat from his brow and finger as a pen.”

And there is also sensational news emerging from the Madrid camp, with Welsh wizard Gareth Bale said to be likely to start the match having finally been dragged away from the golf course.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti believes Bale’s presence could give a huge psychological advantage to his side.

“If Liverpool are scared of a defender who doesn’t even play for Madrid anymore, they’re really gonna sh*t their pants at the sight of the man who scored two goals against them last time around,” a Bernabeu source told us.

*Paddy Power News football coverage is 100% fake news – honest*


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