100% of Liverpool fans to mention Istanbul ahead of AC Milan clash ​

Liverpool beat Milan in Istanbul in 2005? Really? That's fascinating


The results of an online study covering the behaviour of football supporters has concluded that 100% Liverpool fans will at some point mention Istanbul in the run up to their clash with AC Milan.

The study, which was conducted over a five-year period by Oxford University, was designed to obtain behaviour patterns of supporters based on data findings following a series of tests.


The conclusion of the study has been described as “the opposite of interesting” by chief scientist, Ian Kelleher.

“What we can categorically say is even with the most tenuous link, Liverpool fans love to mention that night in Istanbul which sixteen years on, is dull as f*ck” he confirmed.

“It can be forgiven that in the build-up to their match with Milan, the team they beat in that 2005 final which took place in Istanbul, they might take a trip down memory lane and take a moment to reminisce. A few mentions on Twitter, a few words in the pub, you get the picture.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – MAY 25: Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso of Spain scores the third goal during the European Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan on May 25, 2005 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

“However, 100% of their fans mentioning it is staggering and sad. It isn’t just the mention of AC Milan that gets them banging on about it either, you could quite literally ask them any question and somehow they will spin the conversation to that match.”

Intrigued by the findings of the study, Paddy Power News looked to put the theory to test by sending a journalist to speak to Stevie Jones, a lifelong red, about anything other than the 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul.

“Stevie, what is your favourite thing about Christmas?” asked our journalist.

“I love Christmas dinner, me. Especially turkey. Did you know Liverpool played in Turkey once?

“Istanbul, yeah. Epic game, let me tell you about it…” replied Stevie.

“Do you have kids, Stevie.”

“I’ve got a daughter called May, named after my favourite month. 25th May 2005 was when Liverpool won the Champions League in dramatic circumstances. Historical game in Istanbul against Milan.”

“OK Stevie, have you been on holiday recently?”

“No, but I’ve seen Turkey might be going on the green list so that’s an option. I love Turkey, especially Istanbul. Do you remember that Champions League final from 2005?”

“Last one from us Stevie, what is your favourite farm animal?”

“I like cows. Little known fact is that a male cow is a bull. Bull sounds a little like Istanbul. Did I ever tell you about the time Liverpool played in Istanbul?”

Additional findings within the study suggest that Liverpool fans are not the only ones guilty of this type of behaviour, with 99.86% of Arsenal supporters believing 2004 was only “a few years ago” and 94.6% of Manchester City fans having no idea football existed before 2008.

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