Paul Ince: Declan Rice should choose Man United over Man City transfer

If the West Ham United captain is to move soon, Incey feels he should turn red instead of blue.


Declan Rice has had a very good season and that goes hand in hand with West Ham having such a good campaign. David Moyes has obviously done an amazing job there, along with Stuart Pearce, and Rice has been a mainstay in the side.

We’re talking about a centre half converted to a central midfield player here. To take that role is never easy, but he’s excelled in it and he’s getting stronger. I see some of him in myself when I was at West Ham at that age.

I didn’t really have all my power yet and my muscles hadn’t grown. But, you have to get across the park as a midfield player, to either side, back and forth. He’s still a little bit away from that.

He still looks a bit gangly in his running, but that will change as his muscles get stronger and you can see why he’s got loads of suitors.

Which club suits him best? I don’t think Manchester City, really. I think Manchester United is the one. We’ve got Scott McTominay in there who’s done magnificently this season, but we all keep talking about Fred.

I don’t believe Fred has been overly great in the last two or three years.

Listen, he gets around the park, but you’ve got to be more than that as a Man United player. When he gets it around the box the ball goes in Row Z. His shooting is terrible, and a lot of midfield players now can’t shoot anymore. It baffles me why that’s the case.

David Moyes West Ham Doncaster FA Cup January 23, 2021

But, going back to Declan Rice, he’s got to decide whether the time is right because he’s still young.

Is he going to get more games at West Ham than he would do at Manchester City because they like to chop and change? He’s got all these things to think about.

It’s all about timing for Declan Rice. When’s the right time to go?

Does he have another year at West Ham as the captain and playing in Europe and then go after that?



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