Sadio Mane is better than Cristiano Ronaldo – and a Liverpool fan has stats to prove it! ​

Ronnie who?

Sadio Mane is officially better than Cristiano Ronaldo! That’s according to one Liverpool fan who says he has the stats to prove it!

The admin of a Twitter account called ‘Shankly’s Kop YNWA 6 Times’ compared the two players’ Premier League records and presented his findings to his 38 followers.

“If we totally ignore the fact Ronaldo was practically a foetus when he played in United’s first team, that he won the Ballon D’Or and the Premier League three times during his six seasons in England – then it’s pretty obvious Mane is the better player”, he tweeted.

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The admin, who claims to have been instrumental in the club’s decision to sign Virgil van Dijk, rejected the notion that a fairer comparison between the pair might have been what they’d achieved at Mane’s current age of 28.

“Look, we could sit here all day and discuss the fact that when Ronaldo was 28 he was banging in 60 goals a season and winning the Pichichi, but Mane managed seven more Premier League assists than him so, you know, just deal with it”.

Pressed on whether he believed any other current Liverpool players were better than a Premier League Ronaldo, the admin said:

“Van Dijk! He’s won the Premier League and the European Cup. I didn’t see f**king twinkle toes ever do that”.


When it was pointed out Ronaldo actually won the Premier League and the European Cup in the SAME season, the admin replied:

“Yeah but how many points did they get when they won the league? Bet it wasn’t 99. That’s a record mate”.

When it was also pointed Manchester City currently hold the record for the most points gained during a Premier League season with 100, the admin snapped:

“Yeah but if you add up our points and City’s points over those two seasons, Liverpool have way more than City. So, we basically won it twice when you think about it.”

And when it was also pointed out City won a domestic treble that year, the admin predictably sang: “We won it six times, we won it six times…”


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