Watch Pundits Episode 2 with Bebo, TikTok and OnlyFans on the agenda as the lads get down with the kids

Score Saturday might have failed, but the Pundits have some other schemes up their sleeves to get back to the big time.


Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicolas, Phil Thompson and still, for some reason, Alan Curbishley are stepping up their efforts to make it back into the world’s most prestigious pay-per-view studios on this week’s episode of Pundits.

Tiss quickly assumes the role as leader as he tries to whip his charges into shape and show them how to get on board with modern trends like being cancelled on Twitter and TikTok.

We’re talking Steve Jobs-style PowerPoint presentations, highlight reels, and high-pressure situations for the lads as they gear up for that Zoom call with the Qatari TV station.

The Pundits get what is actually a quite-good TikTok tutorial – complete with dance – from Tiss and Thommo learns that “It was just banter” is not an acceptable way to deal with being caught on camera saying something you really, really shouldn’t.

Will Tiss’ teachings sink in? Well if he could get a word in without Curbs banging on about his Britannia Music Club membership and showing Thommo OnlyFans that might help. Maybe the Pundits need help from a higher power?

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Without their usual front-man, Tiss has established himself as the pundits’ de facto leader – as they undergo a crack course of being down with the kids.

“So, of course, we see Le Tissier – a Premier League icon – deliver a pretty flawless TikTok dance routine. I’m sure it will bode well for the pundits, as they head to their Qatari TV interview.”

If you missed episode one of Pundits you can check it out here on our YouTube channel, and be sure to stay tuned for episode three next Saturday.


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