Henderson poses for new pic to include 50-metre swimming badge

Every medal, trophy, sewing badge, whatever, they count


Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has posed for another photo alongside the Premier League and Champions League trophies – but this time he’s included his 50-metre swimming badge too!

To celebrate winning the league title, the 30-year-old has been proudly captured with the European Cup which his side won in 2019 and unsuccessfully defended this season.

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Now the Sunderland Academy graduate has demanded a reshoot which will include the swimming badge he was awarded when he was 10-years-old.

Referring to this new collection of accolades as ‘The Treble’, Henderson said:

‘The Premier League, the Champions League, my 50mtr freestyle badge – they’re all fabulous achievements. But I’m already looking to next season’.

‘Hopefully we can do a league and cup double by winning the 2020/21 Carabao Cup to go along with our 2019/2020 Premier League triumph’.

Henderson recalls fondly his first ever Treble and ranks it on a par with his current achievements.


‘Saying my first word, taking my first step and passing my cycling proficiency test. I never thought in a million years I’d equal that magnificent feat’.

But the accolades haven’t stopped there for the Tyne and Wear-born midfielder who has won the Football Writers’ Association Men’s Footballer of the Year award, pending the result of a steward’s enquiry.

Meanwhile, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has thanked Sir Alex Ferguson for a rambling and incoherent video message, during which the former United boss reminded everyone how long it had taken Liverpool to win the title.

‘Ah thought they Leeds bastards wur jobby taking 16-years tae git promoted’, scoffed the Scot.

‘Bit it took ye Scousers 30-years tae win th’ division’.

‘20 times, 20 times’, he cheered.

However, the 78-year-old also revealed how Klopp woke him out of his sleep with a 3.30am phone call.

‘He wis asking me if ah knew ony aff sales that wur aye open as they’d bolted oot o’ drink’.

‘Whin ah said na he asked if a’d drap thaim doon a few boatles o’ red.

‘Bit ah telt him tae fuck aff’.

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