Paul Ince: Ole should have wanted to win silverware – his Chelsea team selection was a mess

Look out Ole, the Guv'nor's not happy with you.


From the off, when I saw the team Ole Gunnar Solksjaer selected, I wondered what he was playing at. I understand his preference is for the Champions League, and there’s a couple of big games coming up, but it just wasn’t right.

This is the opportunity to win a trophy, for silverware, an FA Cup semi-final and that’s the team you’ve gone with?

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As I say, it’s a semi-final, so surely you play your front three, you play Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood and Anthony Martial, and you go full throttle at Chelsea rather than copping out.

Ole will have a reason why he went with the team that he did, but I can’t say I’m surprised with the result after seeing the team, it was a mess.


The front three are playing so well – so continue with that. I don’t see why he didn’t have the confidence to try and get something out of the game early with his best team, then maybe look to make changes to save energy for West Ham and Leicester.

At Manchester United, you should never be shying away from winning silverware, and I thought Ole would know that.

You expect United to beat West Ham at home, so I would’ve thought you could’ve gone stronger against Chelsea in the cup.

That was a great, wide-open opportunity for a trophy, which was just been thrown away.

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