Liverpool fan ‘never really rated Coutinho anyway’ following United link

Think I'm bothered? Dunno how you think that. Cos I'm not. Honest. He was always sh*te. I mean it. Sh*te.

A Liverpool fan has taken to social media to clarify he never really rated Philippe Coutinho anyway, as Manchester United reportedly lead the race to sign the Barca star.

According to numerous ever-reliable tabloid sources, the Old Trafford outfit have stolen a march on their nearest rivals to make Coutinho the latest overpaid out-of-sorts addition to their squad.

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The news prompted thousands of Kopites, who weren’t really bothered if he joined United, to write lengthy critiques of their former hero’s abilities on various social media platforms.

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In a longwinded rant posted on Facebook this morning, diehard Liverpool supporter John McCartney gave a withering assessment of the player he definitely did not say was the best in the world just a couple of seasons ago.

‘Always said he was overrated’, claimed John, who also denies writing a similar spiel when the Brazilian winger was overlooked for the Ballon d’Or in 2017.

‘Mediocre at best, couldn’t lace Mo Salah’s boots’, asserted the 38-year-old plumber, who also distanced himself from an online petition he allegedly started which demanded Barcelona’s expulsion from the Champions League for tapping-up their former No.10.

‘He’d fit right in at United. Another overhyped mercenary on their payroll’, added the Bootle-native, who vehemently denies allegations he sat up til 4.30am deleting reams of tweets from 2016 declaring Coutinho was the best player in the Premier League.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – AUGUST 14: Liverpool fans celebrate during the UEFA Super Cup match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Vodafone Park on August 14, 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

In related news, Manchester United fanatic Eamon Hucknall, who definitely did not say Philippe Coutinho was shite compared to Henrikh Mkhitaryan back in 2016, is delighted at the prospect of the former Liverpool star signing for the Red Devils.

‘There aren’t many Liverpool players I’ve rated down the years but Coutinho was definitely the best they’ve ever had’, gushed Eamon.

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‘It’s not as if he’s a Scouser, is it? I mean, how long was he there anyways? 5 minutes?’, he added in reference to Coutinho’s six seasons at Anfield.

Meanwhile, John McCartney is adamant he never said Sadio Mane was the best player in the world on form a couple of months ago, with Liverpool’s current number 10 tipped to join Real Madrid.

‘Never really my cup of tea’, claimed John.

‘Another one we bought from Southampton when there were better out there. A glorified Rickie Lambert truth be told’.

‘Almost as bad as that fella Sterling. Never rated him either’, he added.

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