We’re all agreed that Alexis Sanchez is a massive waste of money, but this takes the p*ss!

Look how much Sanchez is earning, and make yourself feel utterly miserable in the process!


£24,000,000 a year, £2,000,000 a month, £500,000 a week, £71,429 a day, £2,976 each hour, £49 a minute, 83p a second. That’s what we’re talking about here folks, the staggering sums behind Alexis Sanchez’ pay at Man Utd.  That’s a £350,000-per-week contract plus image rights and (ahem) performance bonuses.

But here at Paddy Power, we’re not content to just let you look at these static numbers on a page. Oh no, we want to really rub your noses in it and bring this sorry situation to life.

Since you’ve been viewing this page, Alexis Sanchez has earned…
He could have bought…
0.00   Freddo Bars
0.00   McFlurry
0.00   KeepCups
0.00   Krispy Kreme sharer dozens
0.00   Netflix annual subsciptions
0.00   original Banksy Rat prints
0.00   Frankel’s foals

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Even if you lived and worked to the age of 100 you’d only earn of what Sanchez will take home in just one season at Man Utd.

So far Sanchez has been paid £14.5m by Manchester United. In return for that, he’s played 24 matches and scored three goals.  And you thought that annual gym membership you bought back in January was a waste of cash???

What do you think?