Lawro: Gerrard will find out Glasgow is the world’s smallest goldfish bowl

Mark Lawrenson looks at another Liverpool legend's move into management and the intense scrutiny he will face next season...


I wasn’t surprised by Steven Gerrard’s move to Rangers because I’d heard that he really wanted to go.

The way football is now, for anyone to go anywhere, they’ve got to have certain guarantees about life and football at the club. There is no way that Rangers have not guaranteed a certain amount of money to spend on wages and transfers.

He wouldn’t have gone there otherwise.

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It’s a tough job because of where Celtic are in relation to everybody else. If he gets Rangers second and a lot closer to Celtic he will have done a really good job.

But I don’t think he’ll really understand what the Old Firm is like until he gets into the job.

The Old Firm rivalry means it really is like a city cut in half, and, if you lose a couple of games, the press are going to be chasing you.

Glasgow could be the most hostile place for press around.

Steven obviously fancies he can do the job. He’s already looking at players, he knows what it will take, but he probably doesn’t know that, if Rangers lose three games on the run in September, it’ll be like the end of the world.

But he’ll just have to cope with it.

It’s the smallest goldfish bowl in the world in that regard, when the focus is on you and the rivalry is so intense. has all the latest World Cup odds

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