A final weekend flurry as two more punters sting Paddy Power and enter the Punting Hall of Fame

Over 60,000 paid out on a bonkers day for Paddy

But with what turned out to be the penultimate gameday of the campaign, Paddy’s been hit harder than that time Tyson Fury got near us!

We’ve all done a longshot acca on the last weekend in order to try finish with a flourish and then walk into our bosses on Monday morning to tell them where to go. Well, two online customers had Paddy bent double with pain.

Everyone was laughing at Spurs’s demise to Newcastle. With all that was on the line, surely no one could’ve predicted a Magpies win? There hadn’t been four draws on the same day for almost a year of football. And how did anyone call Aston Villa losing?

Okay that last one was a bit of a push, but one Irish online customer did all of those things as he got the results for all of the Premier League games correct. A €5 bet was put on just after 11am, and at three minutes past five one man was €34,580.28 richer.


As if that wasn’t bad enough for Paddy, he was then alerted that a heroic UK punter had done the exact same thing. All nine correct results and ,off a seven pound bet, we were paying out over £25,000. Which is about what the entire Aston Villa team is worth,  but is a life changing amount of money for your everyday hero.

Stand and salute boys! Just please go easy on us for the Euros

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What do you think?

Did we not suffer enough after paying out big time on Leicester? Apparently not as what we thought was the final day of the Premier League season brought out two massive accumulators that ensured Paddy’s pants stayed down after their spanking.