When is the Paddy Power World Darts Championship? Dates and Schedule

Paddy's gearing up for the big one!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll know Paddy’s put his name on the biggest Christmas party in town.

That’s right, the big man’s sharpening his arrows, stepping up to the oche and throwing his way into the festive fiesta that is the Paddy Power World Darts Championship.

The near three weeks of fun at the legendary Alexandra Palace in London began on Friday, December 15 and runs through to the grand final on Wednesday, January 3.

The latest Paddy Power World Darts Championship odds are on the Paddy Power website and Paddy Power app, otherwise the all-important schedule and session times can be found below.


Paddy Power World Darts Championship schedule

Friday December 15 (7pm)

Evening Session (7pm)

Kevin Doets 3-0 Stowe Buntz (R1)
Cameron Menzies 3-0 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez (R1)
Simon Whitlock 3-2 Paolo Nebrida (R1)
Michael Smith 3-2 Kevin Doets (R2)

Saturday December 16

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Lee Evans 3-0 Sandro Eric Sosing (R1)
Connor Scutt 3-0 Krzysztof Kciuk (R1)
Jules van Dongen 1-3 Darren Penhall (R1)
Dave Chisnall 3-1 Cameron Menzies (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Jamie Hughes 3-1 David Cameron (R1)
Keane Barry 3-1 Reynaldo Rivera (R1)
Scott Williams 3-1 Haruki Muramatsu (R1)
Gary Anderson 3-0 Simon Whitlock (R2)

Sunday December 17

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Ricky Evans 3-0 Simon Adams (R1)
Jim Williams 3-0 Norman Madhoo (R1)
Matt Campbell 3-2 Lourence Ilagan (R1)
Joe Cullen 3-0 Darren Penhall (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Dylan Slevin 1-3 Florian Hempel (R1)
Niels Zonneveld 3-1 Darren Webster (R1)
Jermaine Wattimena 3-1 Fallon Sherrock (R1)
Luke Humphries 3-0 Lee Evans (R2)

Monday December 18 (7pm)

Mario Vandenbogaerde 1-3 Thibault Tricole (R1)
Gian van Veen 2-3 Man Lok Leung (R1)
Martin Lukeman 3-1 Haupai Puha (R1)
Gerwyn Price 3-0 Connor Scutt (R2)

Tuesday December 19

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Ian White 1-3 Tomoya Goto (R1)
Ritchie Edhouse 2-3 Jeffrey de Graaf (R1)
Keegan Brown 1-3 Boris Krcmar (R1)
James Wade 2-3 Matt Campbell (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Steve Beaton 3-1 Wessel Nijman (R1)
Mike De Decker 3-0 Dragutin Horvat (R1)
Ricardo Pietreczko 3-0 Mikuru Suzuki (R1)
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Keane Barry (R2)

Wednesday December 20

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Radek Szaganski 3-2 Marko Kantele (R1)
Steve Lennon 3-2 Owen Bates (R1)
William O’Connor 3-0 Bhav Patel (R1)
Ross Smith 3-1 Niels Zonneveld (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Ryan Joyce 3-1 Alex Spellman (R1)
Richard Veenstra 3-0 Ben Robb (R1)
Christian Kist 0-3 Luke Littler (R1)
Peter Wright 0-3 Jim Williams (R2)

Thursday December 21

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Mickey Mansell 3-0 Xiaochen Zong (R1)
Luke Woodhouse 2-3 Berry van Peer (R1)
Madars Razma 3-1 Mike De Decker (R2)
Rob Cross 3-0 Thibault Tricole (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Andrew Gilding 1-3 Luke Littler (R2)
Danny Noppert 0-3 Scott Williams (R2)
Gabriel Clemens 3-1 Man Lok Leung (R2)
Damon Heta 3-1 Martin Lukeman (R2)

Friday December 22

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Brendan Dolan 3-2 Mickey Mansell (R2)
Jose de Sousa 1-3 Jeffrey de Graaf (R2)
Krzysztof Ratajski 3-1 Jamie Hughes (R2)
Dirk van Duijvenbode 1-3 Boris Krcmar (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Dimitri Van den Bergh 2-3 Florian Hempel (R2)
Martin Schindler 3-1 Jermaine Wattimena (R2)
Raymond van Barneveld 3-1 Radek Szaganski (R2)
Chris Dobey 3-2 William O’Connor (R2)

Saturday December 23

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Kim Huybrechts 0-3 Richard Veenstra (R2)
Callan Rydz 2-3 Ricardo Pietreczko (R2)
Jonny Clayton 3-1 Steve Lennon (R2)
Daryl Gurney 3-1 Steve Beaton (R2)

Evening Session (7pm)

Ryan Searle 3-1 Tomoya Goto (R2)
Josh Rock 1-3 Berry van Peer (R2)
Stephen Bunting 3-0 Ryan Joyce (R2)
Nathan Aspinall 0-3 Ricky Evans (R2)

Wednesday December 27

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Scott Williams 4-3 Martin Schindler (R3)
Dave Chisnall 4-1 Gabriel Clemens (R3)
Rob Cross 4-2 Jeffrey de Graaf (R3)

Evening Session (7pm)

Matt Campbell 1-4 Luke Littler (R3)
Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Richard Veenstra (R3)
Michael Smith 4-1 Madars Razma (R3)

Thursday December 28

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Stephen Bunting 4-0 Florian Hempel (R3)
Joe Cullen 4-2 Ryan Searle (R3)
Ross Smith 2-4 Chris Dobey (R3)

Evening Session (7pm)

Gerwyn Price 2-4 Brendan Dolan (R3)
Luke Humphries 4-3 Ricardo Pietreczko (R3)
Ricky Evans 2-4 Daryl Gurney (R3)

Friday December 29

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Damon Heta 4-3 Berry van Peer (R3)
Jonny Clayton 4-2 Krzysztof Ratajski (R3)
Jim Williams 4-1 Raymond van Barneveld (R3)

Evening Session (7pm)

Boris Krcmar 1-4 Gary Anderson (R3)
Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Stephen Bunting (R4)
Michael Smith 0-4 Chris Dobey (R4)

Saturday December 30

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Scott Williams 4-1 Damon Heta (R4)
Daryl Gurney 2-4 Dave Chisnall (R4)
Rob Cross 4-0 Jonny Clayton (R4)

Evening Session (7:30pm)

Brendan Dolan 4 v 3 Gary Anderson (R4)
Raymond van Barneveld 1 v 4 Luke Littler (R4)
Luke Humphries 4 v 3 Joe Cullen (R4)

Monday January 1

Afternoon Session (12:30pm)

Rob Cross 5 v 4 Chris Dobey (QF)
Luke Littler 5 v 1 Brendan Dolan  (QF)

Evening Session (7:30pm)

Michael van Gerwen 3-5 Scott Williams (GF)
Luke Humphries 5-1 Dave Chisnall (QF)

Tuesday January 2 (7:30pm)

Rob Cross 2-6 Luke Littler (SF)
Scott Williams 0-6 Luke Humphries (SF)

Wednesday January 3 (8pm)

Luke Littler v Luke Humphries (F)


Michael Smith

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