Paddy Power World Darts Championship: Official fancy dresscode confirmed

Let's play darts... dressed as stupidly as possible


It might be the middle of July but it feels like Christmas at Power Tower as we’ve hit the bullseye with the Paddy Power World Darts Championship.

That’s because Paddy’s digging deep to stump up the prize money as new official sponsors for the biggest ‘arrers palaver on the planet!


Now, we know it’s six months away but frankly I’m already googling “oompa-loompa costume” in anticipation of the Ally Pally action.

And with the dress sense of darts lovers as wild as some of the players’ aim we thought it was worth setting out some official guidance on what you should wear to the the biggest carnival of crazy costumes this side of Rio de Janeiro.

So if you’re planning to attend the Paddy Power World Darts Championship – I love the way that sounds – here’s our guide to some appropriate attire for the occasion…

Plumbing the depths

We can’t blame you if you want to channel your inner Mario – stuff your face with pizza to get into the role, a lustrous moustache that puts Tom Selleck to shame and Luigi on hand to make you look like a genius – who wouldn’t want to be the squat Italian plumber?! Just grab yourself a pair of overalls and you’re all set.

Jingle all the way

We always marvel that Santa Claus can get everything organised for Christmas when it must be difficult to pull his eyes away from the World Championship in the weeks before.

A full Santa suit and a sackful of darts flights is both a timely and appropriate fancy dress approach, just be sure not to confuse Rudolph’s nose for the bullseye or the RSPCA will be on your case sharpish.

Retro bully

Those of an older vintage – or fans of late nights on Challenge TV – might plump for icon of eighties gameshow lore, Bully from Bullseye.

A red-striped shirt and Bully mask are the easy part, but complete the look by bringing your uncle dressed as Jim Bowen and two blokes, one with a dodgy ‘tache and mullet who clearly fancies himself as Scarborough’s  answer to David Hasselhoff and another who’s nicked Danis Taylor’s glasses for evening.

Sadly, we can’t promise you’ll be going home with a speedboat.

Go bananas!

No, you’re not back on Facebook circa 2013, Minions are just another extremely popular Ally Pally outfit.

Take in the tungsten twirling through a furry suit that’s sure to see you lose at least a stone in pure sweat during a day’s play, and if you ask for a banana at the bar then don’t be surprised if you’re parched in the evening session.

Dart idols

Here’s a crazy idea – how about you pay tribute to your favourite darting legends by dressing in their own unique style?

Pro-tip: There’s no need to emulate Peter Wright’s painted scalp with hours in the barbers chair – beige swimming cap, green polo shirt, hey presto, you’re MVG!

Comicbook hero

Unleash your inner superhero as you selflessly collect packets of crisps for everyone at the table dressed as Superman, or swing from the rafters right back into the seat at the front as Spiderman after getting a round in with out spilling a drop – not all heroes wear capes, but you can at the darts if you want.

Go green

No, we’re not talking about throwing orange powder around and invading the stage – we mean go Paddy green for real.

This mostly works well for any Irish fans in attendance, with leprechaun suits and ginger wigs de rigeur, and, as it’s Christmas, boxes of chocolate Kimberly biscuits add at extra bit of authenticity.


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