Anderson rejects offer of 5G mast in back garden after Wi-Fi issues

No dice from the Flying Scotsman


Gary Anderson has rejected the offer of having a 5G mast erected in his back garden after a weak Wi-Fi signal forced him to withdraw from the PDC Home Tour, it has emerged.

The two-time world champion was scheduled to participate in an event featuring all players with a PDC tour card but pulled out after several failed attempts to stream the hit-Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’.

‘I was up for it but the Wi-Fi round here is sh*te’, Anderson said.

‘Could’nae even watch Tiger King without it buffering every two seconds, never mind play a f**king darts tournament’, he added.

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However, as news of Anderson’s Wi-Fi problems spread, some of the UK’s largest mobile networks offered to erect a 5G mast in his garden.

But the 49-year-old Scot declined the offer, citing an article he read on Facebook about the effects of 5G as the reason.

‘I told them to get tae f**k’, Anderson told The Sun.

‘I read this thing on Facebook which said 5G exposes the human body to so much radiation it will sprout tentacles and a third eye’.

‘Ok, the extra wee eye might come in handy but how could I throw a dart with one of those octopus arm-thingies?’, he quizzed.

But top scientists and medical experts dismissed Anderson’s claims, arguing the only thing 5G helps the spread of is stupidity.

Meanwhile, Northern Irishman Daryl Gurney has also been forced to withdraw from the tournament after experiencing broadband issues of his own.

The former World Grand Prix champion told his followers on Twitter: ‘It’s with a heavy heart and an even heavier jaw I must pull out of the upcoming PDC innovation Darts at Home’.

‘I’ve had serious problems connecting to Wi-Fi’. Obviously, the neighbour’s changed his f**king password again’.

‘It’s just one of those things. I’ll just have to take it on the chin on this occasion’.


This, obviously, isn’t true, in case you were wondering. There’s every indication Gary would very much appreciate improved mobile network coverage in his location.


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