Mum who paid £11 for Prime in Wakey Wines confirmed as KSI’s next opponent

A mum who was pestered into paying £11 for energy drink Prime has launched a blistering attack on Youtuber-turned-fighter KSI


A woman who paid £11 for a bottle of Prime has been confirmed as KSI’s next opponent ahead of the YouTuber’s fight with Tommy Fury.

The mother-of-three called out KSI shortly after forking out eleven quid for an energy drink created by the social media star and his fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.


Prime’s popularity is driven by KSI and Logan Paul’s huge online following, the vast majority of which is made up of people too young to know any better.

The woman said she felt pressured into buying the drink for her 10-year-old son after he threw a tantrum when she initially said no.

‘KSI, I’m calling you out on behalf of all the parents paying six times the retail price for your silly little bottle of juice’, she said earlier this morning.

‘I wouldn’t pay more than six quid for my Friday night Pinot Grigio but I’ve just spent nearly double that on something that tastes like watered down Cordial’.

Asked if she felt ready to face KSI, who claims to be in ‘Prime’ condition ahead of his bout with Fury, the woman said:

‘I just fought off an 18 stone skinhead and a rabid pensioner to get my hands on this last bottle of Prime. KSI would lose a fight against me faster than he lost £6 million on crypto’.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 14: A detailed view of KSI’s PRIME Energy sponsored Adidas Boxing Boots prior to the MF Cruiserweight Title fight between KSI and FaZe Temper at OVO Arena Wembley on January 14, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

In related news, the Professional Boxing Association have launched an investigation after it emerged John Fury has gone 15 minutes without taking his top off and offering someone a fight.

‘We take these allegations very seriously’, a PBA spokesperson told Paddy Power News.

‘John’s contract clearly stipulates he must hijack every press conference and open training session by taking his top off and picking fights with random people while foaming at the mouth’.

‘If John is found to have breached his contract by not exposing his giggling moobs and allowing the fighters to conduct their press conferences without disruption, he’ll face immediate suspension’.

On hearing of the investigation, Mr. Fury repeatedly smashed his head against the plexiglass in a bus shelter he was standing beside.

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 100% nonsense, but you knew that already… didn’t you?


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