Carl Froch p***ed off the world during Mayweather v McGregor

How could he have expected more from a first-time pro boxer?


All in all, Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor turned out to be a decent little scrap and the Notorious One acquitted himself quite well in his first pro bout.

Moving out of his comfort zone in the octagon to meet one of the greatest boxers of all time in the squared-circle, McGregor surprised many with his performance before the 10th-round stoppage in Las Vegas last night.

Pundits, along with current and ex-boxers have been falling over themselves to credit the Dubliner’s boxing debut, but then there’s a certain Carl Froch.

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The former super-middleweight was blasted on social media for what fans deemed to be ‘biased’ punditry on Sky in Mayweather. He even went as far as spouting that he “expect more” from McGregor despite the Irishman having all the odds stacked against him.

But, hey, he did once box in front of 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium – not that he’ll ever let us forget it! Needless to say, those watching the fight let him have it during and after the bout.

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