Klopp to face Wilder, Kelly and Lampard in Wrestlemania clash ​

Let's get ready to rumble.


Vince McMahon has confirmed that Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp will compete in a 4-on-1 match against rivals Sean Dyche, Frank Lampard, Des Kelly and Chris Wilder at Wrestlemania 37 tonight.

Following a last-minute reshuffle to the Wrestlemania match card, which takes place this weekend, Klopp will square off against the quartet in a handicap match to be contested under tag team rules.

In an added twist, WWE supremo McMahon has appointed Andre Marriner as the special guest referee for the bout.

The match is the culmination of a long-running feud between Klopp and the aforementioned foursome which kicked off with the German’s heel-turn at the beginning of the season.

In a promo released on WWE Network, former Chelsea boss Lampard wearing blue trunks said: ‘You can f**k off and all Jurgen. Giving it the big ‘un and you’ve never even won an Intercontinental title.’

Lampard was then joined by an oiled-up Sean Dyche sporting a maroon one-slung strap leotard who had this to say: ‘I ended The Streak (referring to Liverpool’s 68-game unbeaten home run in the Premier League) and tonight, I’m gonna end YOU Jurgen.’

Next to get on the act was BT Sport lead reporter and interviewer Des Kelly donning spiked purple American football shoulder pads.

‘I hope you enjoy your early slot on the match card Jurgen. I asked Mr McMahon for it personally,’ he said.

And finally, former Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder entered the fray in a red, white and black amateur wrestling singlet.

‘I like my wrestling matches like I like my Premier League games – with THREE substitutes,’ cackled the 53-year-old maniacally.

Chris Wilder Sheffield United

However, despite the numerical disadvantage, Klopp remained upbeat about his chances of victory.

‘The smack will be very much laid down this evening,’ grinned the 53-year-old sporting a liver bird face-paint design.

‘I’m glad the event isn’t taking place outdoors like at Wrestlemania 9. You know how much I hate the wind.

‘And I’ve borrowed Daniel Bryan’s faux-fur lined Wrestlemania 30 boots in case my feet get cold.’


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