Paddy Power Royal Rumble Fantasy Game winners and points announced

Roll up, roll up here’s the grapple news you’ve all been waiting for!


For most of last week our punters have been using intellect Paul Heyman would be proud of to plot, scheme and assemble your selections for Paddy Power’s Fantasy Royal Rumble and here’s the results.

With trips to WWE’s Raw and Smackdown Live TV tapings in London on May 14th and May 15th (as well as other fabulous prizes) on the line, you all wrestled as hard as the superstars in the Rumble match to be the overall winner. But, only two of you could pin down the prizes!

Just like the Rumble itself, Shinsuke Nakamura took the narrowest of victories as outright top points scorer with a total of 56. His three eliminations, were added to by the whopping 25-point bonus for winning the whole thing, as well as the four-point final four bonus, one survival and eight points for hitting two devastating Kinshasa knee strikes on John Cena and Roman Reigns.

The Japanese sensation needed that final elimination of Reigns to claim top spot though, as Ireland’s Finn Bálor came agonisingly close to winning not only the Rumble, but topping our points table as well. The Demon did walk off with our 10-point Endurance Award thanks to his over 57 minutes in the match and the final four bonus. He also scored the Top Eliminator prize for eight points by taking out his four victims beating Roman Regins, who had three and half eliminations (shared with Seth Rollins).


Not even our Bray Wyatt-like powers could have predicted Rey Mysterio’s majestic return to the WWE. The highest possible combination possible would have been the (6-2-2) shout of Nakamura, NXT champion Andrade “Cien” Almas and Health Slater for 77 points.

However, out of over 2,000 entrants no one called that terrific trio and our overall points winner Alan Rixon from Co. Carlow in Ireland was the only one to have Nakamura and “Cien” Almas together in his three scoring him a total of 71 points to pin down a victory!

Given the choice of which brand he’d like to see in May, Alan chose team red and is now off on our trip for two to see Monday Night Raw in London on May 14th. Next on the list was Gavin George from Sunderland, who netted a total of 69 points and he’s trekking down to London to check out Smackdown Live on Tuesday the 15th of May. Two sweet!

The winners were as follows:

1st Place – A choice of a trip to Raw or Smackdown Live in London: Alan Rixon, Co Carlow.
2nd Place – The remaining trip to Raw or Smackdown Live in London: Gavin George, Sunderland.
3rd Place – £100 in free bets and £100 to spend on WWE Euro Shop: James Withington, Widnes.
4th Place – £100 in free bets: Chris Tebbutt, Lincoln.
5th Place – £50 in free bets: Daniel Mullane, Co Kerry.
6th Place – £25 in free bets: Maurice Reynolds, Co Wexford.

All the winners have been contacted about their prizes and all that’s left to say is thanks to all who entered, it will be back in 2019 when our favourite pay-per-view of the year swings around again.

If you were playing along with your friends at home, here’s the final points table for the 30 men who bravely battled in the Royal Rumble match is below:

Royal Rumble Fantasy Game Points Table

Superstar        Points    Value
S. Nakamura      56           6
Finn Bálor          54           6
John Cena          31           6
Roman Reigns    29           6
Dolph Ziggler     22           5
Rey Mysterio      20           Void
Bray Wyatt         19           4
Randy Orton       16           6
Seth Rollins        15          5
A.  Almas            15           2
Kofi Kingston     13           4
Jinder Mahal      13           4
Matt Hardy          9             4
Baron Corbin      6             4
Cesaro                 6             4
Heath Slater       6             2
The Miz               5             4
Elias                    3             4
Apollo Crews      1             2
Adam Cole          1             2
Sami Zayn          0              5
Rusev                 0              4
Big E                   0              4
Sheamus            0              4
Xavier Woods     0              3
Rhyno                 0              2
Titus O’Neil        0              2
The Hurricane   0              Void
Aiden English    0              1
Goldust              0              1

* All selections that didn’t enter the match are automatically given a score of ‘0’ points.


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