Watch: Kane get driven all the way through the ring by Braun Strowman

The Monster Among Men has history when it comes to breaking the squared circle…


If you’re a casual fan of wrestling you’d be forgiven for wondering how in the hell Kane is still on Monday Night Raw.

The Big Red Machine has been part of the WWE for over 20 years now and made yet another return a few weeks ago. So how did he end up in the ring with the hottest act in the business at the moment, Braun Strowman, do you ask?

Well, the short version is that Kane and The Monster Among Men were teammates at TLC a few weeks back before Kane decided it was a good idea to chokeslam Strowman off the stage and throw him in the back of a trash compactor. Wrestling 101 if you will!

Anyways, fast forward a few episodes and the two were due to settle their differences in the main event of Raw this week, but as always in WWE things didn’t work out that way.

Before the bell even rang, a brawl broke out between the behemoths. Strowman eventually got the upperhand and hoisted Kane up for his running power slam finisher only for the pair to go crashing right throw the ring itself!

Only Strowman would emerge after Raw went off air, leading one to ask what happened to the Big Red Machine. We may find out Sunday at Survivor Series…

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