Co-stars could be on ‘Fast’ track to fight as The Rock brands Tyrese’s album dog s**t

They may be Fast and Furious ‘brothers’, but things have got seriously personal now and it's 4/1 for them to step into the ring…


Let’s face it, no one wants to mess with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The man is massive at the end of the day, but it seems a highly unlikely challenger is stepping up to the plate.

Of all people, it looks like Johnson’s Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson is determined to provoke the ‘Great One’ over grievances with the delay of the ninth instalment of the movie franchise.

Tyrese blames The Rock for the film – which will now be released 2020 – being pushed back and took to Instagram a week ago to surprising blast the former wrestler, accusing Johnson of making the franchise all about him.

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Despite his WWE background, The Rock pretty much ignored Tyrese’s comments. That was until the rapper decided to double down on his criticism, ridiculing Johnson’s decision to star in a spinoff of Fast and Furious series based on his character Hobbs branding the move ‘f**ked up’.

Tyrese then even went as far as saying The Rock had “broke up the Fast Family”.

By all accounts, the seven-time WWE Champion has no time for Tyrese, who also dug up a two-year-old video of Rock calling his Black Rose album “big piece of black dog s***”.

The Rock has yet to directly response to these jibes, but when he does you can bet the smack-down will be brutal. If Tyrese spoiling for an actual fight however, he may not want to look at the odds because they don’t make good reading for the Transformers actor.

But, where would such a fight take? Our traders make it 10/1 that the co-stars would meet in a boxing ring and 20/1 that they’d go to war in an MMA octagon.

However, if you fancy The Rock to go back to his roots, you can get them to do battle in a WWE squared circle at just 4/1. Hey, Wrestlemania isn’t that far away you know!

Johnson is a huge favourite to win the bout in any sphere (MMA 1/25, Boxing 1/12 and 1/7 WWE), while Tyrese’s best hope of victory is in Vince McMahon ring at 4/1.

Maybe they should have a drag race or something, is that how they sort everything in the Fast and Furious?

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* All odds correct at time of posting.

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