WATCH: Big Show leaps from the top before being hurled through a cage

It wasn’t the best of nights for the big man…


Here at Paddy Power, we’ve been known to take a few shots at veteran WWE superstar The Big Show over the years. However, the reality is we love the big guy!

At 45, his time in the squared-circle looks to be winding down. But, the seven-footer can still provide us with some Show-stopping (sorry for the gimmick infringement Shawn Michaels) moments and he did just that on Raw last night.

Big Show faced off with the number one contender for the Universal Championship Braun Strowman in a main event that was massive in more ways than one.

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The giant put up a huge fight and even landed an ultra-impressive elbow from the top rope, but it wasn’t enough to keep The Monster Among Men from winning the contest.

After the match Strowman then wasted no time putting Big Show out to “pasture” by smashing him through the cage all the way to the floor.

Something tells us we haven’t seen the last of the Big Show though!

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