WWE Raw review: Smackdown Live invasion bombs thanks to Shield brothers

Things didn’t go to plan for Shane McMahon’s blue side leading into Survivor Series


We’re just mere days away from one for wrestling’s big four pay-per-views, so this week’s Raw Review is can’t miss for fans.

Sunday’s Survivor Series will be historic event before a bell even rings, as it is the 30th edition of the event that first began in 1987.

This year’s Survivor Series harkens back to times past and you’ll find it chocked full of traditional five-on-five elimination matches – oh, and there’s also the small matter of Brock Lesnar v Goldberg in the main event. So that’s where we’ll start this week’s review…

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Goldberg threatens rip Paul Heyman’s head off

The dance is nearly complete for ‘the Beast’ Brock Lesnar and former WCW champion Bill Goldberg as they finally squared off in the same ring last night.

When we say squared off, we mean stood in the ring separated by ‘hired security’. There really is no worse job in WWEland than being ‘hired security’, because it’s as obvious as when there’s a cake or a wedding in wrestling that something is going to go down.

Goldberg and Lesnar’s legendry advocate Paul Heyman exchanged barbs ahead of the upcoming contest, with Goldberg promising to “rip off his head” and feed it to Brock if Heyman brought up his family again.

Of course, Heyman pushed his luck too far but it was the poor ‘hired security’ that paid the price as Goldberg went ballistic. Lesnar then teased a showdown before walking way (with a load of Vince’s cash in his pocket for doing nothing.)

We’ll have to wait for Sunday it seems…

Jericho’s gift for Rollins and Strowman

Chris Jericho has been the gift that keeps on giving for WWE fans of late, especially when you consider that the List of Jericho is probably the most over thing on Raw at the moment.

Y2J is the co-captain of team Raw at Survivor Series, along with WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens. They are joined on the team by Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and the man-mountain that is Braun Strowman.

Rollins, Strowman and Jericho have had their issues of late, after all Rollins did put the other two through a table last week, but Y2J attempted to inspire some team unity with a peace offering.

Jericho gave both his teammates the present of a beautiful scarf each and asked them to “try it on mannnnn” – it went about as well as you’d expect for the first ever WWE Undisputed champ.

Five-on-five fisticuffs

So you put team Smackdown Live and team Raw in the ring in the main event and expect them to just talk – yeah right!

Smackdown Live’s outfit is one hell of a team led by WWE World champion AJ Styles. Add in his teammates Dean Amdrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and the Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon and you’ve got yourself one hell of a battle for bragging rights (isn’t that already a PPV?) at Survivor Series.

After Kevin Owens and AJ Styles argued over who’s title was more important (and internet geeks lost their minds), there was a fascinating exchange between Bray and his former Wyatt family disciple Strowman before things got physical.

A lengthy battle ensued, which only came to an end when former Shield members Rollins and Reigns combined to powerbomb Styles out of the ring onto team Smackdown Live to close the show.

We don’t expect the blue side to take this lying down however, and with Smackdown Live’s 900th show coming up tomorrow night (yes, we’ll have a review) you can expect a backlash (see what we did there?)!

Until then wrestling nerds

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