WWE Raw Review: Things got a little weird in Scotland last night

Of course there was Braveheart promo, it’s wrestling after all!


Here it is again, your weekly dose of the ultra-important parts of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

At Paddy Power we embrace your secret love of wrestling, even if our mothers have demanded that we move out over it.

Last night Raw’s came from the WWE hotbed of Glasgow, Scotland and it’s fair to say the atmosphere was better than any Old Firm derby.

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Lesnar promises to show ‘no f**king mercy’ for Goldberg

In the run up to the match the WWE has for some reason billed “Fantasy Warfare Gets Real”, Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg built up their clash at Survivor Series with two excellent pre-recorded video packages – because why on earth would the WWE waste one of their live dates by bringing them to Glasgow.

Firstly, Goldberg tried to explain the reasons why he wants to get repeatedly dropped on his noggin by Lesnar after a 12 year absence – apparently ‘The Beast’ mentioning his family has pissed the former WCW champion right off. Of course there’s a training montage too…

Goldberg called out Lesnar a few weeks back in an appearance on Sportscenter to set up the match, something Brock has described in his clip as a “death sentence”.

In a rare, brutally honest interview with Lesnar, Brock admitted he “didn’t give two s**ts about wrestling in the duo’s 2004 Wrestlemania meeting – which to this day is described as one of the worst ‘Mania matches of all time.

They haven’t a lot to live up to in two weeks, but with Lesnar saying he’s going to have “no f**king mercy” (wasn’t that Smackdown Live’s last PPV?) for Goldberg we’re going to be glued to it anyway.

Owens pins his best friend Y2J

Ah here WWE! Disappointingly, it looks like one of the best partnerships in recent wrestling history is set to break up.

Last night Commissioner Stephanie McMahon confirmed that Seth Rollins was the last member of Raw’s Survivor Series team. He joins Roman Reigns (boo), Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens in the traditional 5-on-5 elimination contest against Smackdown Live’s picks.

With clear issues running wild between the members of Raw’s fabulous fivesome, a fatal five-way was announced for the show’s main event.

The match had it all including kendo stick shots and a table, but it ended with Owens landing on Y2J for the win. It looks like they’re sowing the seeds for a break up of Team Chris and Kevin – we are definitely not on board with that!

A New Day for Braveheart

It wouldn’t be the WWE if they didn’t do something wacky while they are outside of the US, and they didn’t disappoint last night.

The geniuses (not) in the show’s writing staff thought it would be funny to dress the New Day up in kilts and have them try to rally their troops for Survivor Series with the speech from Braveheart.

It’s quite worrying that the entire Glasgow crowd knew it by heart though.

Finally, in the lead up to last night’s event the WWE thought it would be a good idea to dress the unlikely tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro in Celtic and Rangers kits.

You can just imagine the responses, but they’re so bad we couldn’t even use them for Fan Denial. Until next week folks…

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