Your WWE Signature Move Generator: Here’s your chance to create your very own wrestling finisher


The Stone Cold Stunner. The People’s Elbow. The Tombstone.

WWE signature moves are the stuff of legend, and we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve tried to replicate them on Nigel from accounts. There’s nothing Nigel hates more than an Angle Slam while he’s trying to fix the paper tray in the printer. The muppet.

Anyway, performing wrestling maneuvers on co-workers you’re not particularly fond of isn’t exactly advisable. The HR emails can only be forwarded to your Junk Box a certain number of times before the bosses come knocking. So, the Paddy Power Blog have devised the next best thing, and devised a signature move generator that you can use to create your very own WWE finisher.

Hit the spinner and tweet your results to the world. This could be the move that one day wins you a World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. Just don’t give Nigel one of those Spinning Willy Thrusters. That’s going straight over HR and to the courts…

What do you think?