The 10 best “limbs all over the shop” celebrations from England v Colombia

A heady mix of tension, stress, relief and jubilation collided across the country when Eric Dier’s penalty put England into the World Cup quarters...


Another game, another win, another step closer to the cast-iron certainty that is football coming home.

On a night of high drama (and high bastardry from their opponents), England eventually navigated their way past Colombia and sealed a World Cup quarter-final showdown with Sweden.

Against all odds and common logic, the Three Lions actually managed to secure victory via a penalty shootout – the first time they have ever done so in a World Cup.

Nope, we still can’t quite believe it either.

And neither could this lot below – which would go a long way to explaining quite how berserk the celebrations were when Eric Dier rewrote the record books.

Some 24 million people tuned in across the country, but we have rounded up and ranked and reviewed the 10 best “limbs all over the shop” celebration videos here for you. And before you ask, yes – they do beat the crazy scenes we witnessed from England v Tunisia.


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10) House of Commons, London

Whoever said politicians aren’t in touch with the common man? It’s good to see these parliamentarians jump on board the England bandwagon, in particular the chap celebrating with a wine glass in hand at the back. They’ve got our vote.

9) O2 Academy, Leeds

The venue of utter pandemonium following Kane’s strike against Tunisia, Leeds folk were never going to let us down here. There are limbs and beers aplenty, but we’re particularly fond of the faint horn sound we can hear in the background. Or is that just us?!

8) Kings Ransom, Manchester

The scenes here in Manchester are straight out of the top quality bouncing textbook, with the wonderful addition of what appears to be a flying beer keg passing the camera a few seconds in. Only in Manchester…

7) The Marne Inn, Bishops Stortford

A short and sweet clip, but one that’s worth every superb second thanks to the big lad at the back in Adidas strides who slips over in the melee.

Rest assured no fans were harmed in the making of this video; he was quickly up to join the celebrations once again.

6) Ashton Gate, Bristol

Immediate bonus points are awarded for the size of the crowd out in the evening sun in Bristol, but the real credit is just how loud the roar is as Dier’s penalty nips past David Ospina. Hook it into our veins 24/7, please.

5) Colombia Fan Park, New York

Celebrations in this here article extend to the whole game so, regretful as we are it went in, the Colombian limbs Yerry Mina’s powerful header sparked are well worth viewing. Let it never be said we’re one-sided here at Paddy Power, right?

4) Shoreditch, London

Shared by Super Bowl winner Jay Ajayi no less, these are the scenes that unfolded before his eyes at the Last Days of Shoreditch. Which we reckon is a befitting name for the venue, given how hard it would be for Shoreditch to stay standing if these celebrations continued on for much longer…

3) ITV Studios, Moscow

There’s always something particularly fun about seeing pundits lose their sh*t in the TV studio, and this is no exception. Ian Wright can’t bear to watch; Lee Dixon looks like a caring dad; and the two Arsenal legends soon bring club rivalries aside to get Gary Neville in on the action.

World Cups: always bringing people together.

2) Walkabout, Sheffield

Chanting football’s coming home? Tick. Nervy anticipation? Tick. Nanosecond of quiet before the penalty is struck? Tick. Beer dousing aplenty? Tick. Slight bouncing of the upper tier to worry health and safety geeks? A big fat tick…

1) BOXPARK, Croydon

Boxpark has developed an enviable reputation for limbs ever since the pandemonium for Harry Kane’s winner against Tunisia was viewed over a million times. Suffice to say it didn’t disappoint for this fixture, with the flying drinks looking like decorative streamers on top of a brilliantly hypnotic sea of limbs. Magic stuff.

Bring on the quarter-finals…

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