Paul Ince: Re-signing Marouane Fellaini was a good decision by Jose Mourinho

Incey is pleased to see the big man ink a new deal at Old Trafford...


The thing about Marouane Fellaini at Manchester United is that he’s a completely different type of player to everything else they’ve got there.

You can use him as a midfield player, or you can use him as a forward. He doesn’t start a lot of games, but considering how defensive Jose Mourinho is, particularly from set pieces, and how much he loves big powerful players, Fellaini fits the bill.

When United need to dig in and keep the back door shut, the manager always seems to throw on Fellaini.

He can win headers and he’s a team player. He has a good attitude and he doesn’t moan or sulk when he isn’t being picked.

He just gets on with it.

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So I’m pleased to see him re-sign, and it doesn’t change the fact that Mourinho is likely to just go out and buy four or five more players.

It looks as if he is trying to gradually change the way the team plays because a lot of United fans have been very critical of the team’s style. And that’s not just because of the way Manchester City played, but it’s also in light of how attractive the likes Tottenham and Liverpool looked.

When you look at the players he is trying to bring in, you get the sense he’s trying to change that style.

In the past, Man United have generally focused on attacking play and creating chances, and supporters used to come away from the stadium knowing their team had had a go. At the moment they’re not creating enough chances, which we saw in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. Mourinho has to change the way they play.

If he does the fans will get behind them.

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