QUIZ: Can you name the 8 teams England have eliminated from the World Cup?

Since 1966, when they won three, the Three Lions have only emerged victorious from FIVE knockout matches at the World Cup...


The last time England won a knockout match at a World Cup, Trent Alexander-Arnold was 7 years old.

That was back in 2006, since when the Three Lions have managed to appear in a grand total of ONE knockout game, which they lost 4-1 to Germany.

In fact, 1966 aside, England’s overall World Cup record is pretty miserable. Since they first entered the tournament in 1950, England have won just eight knockout games – three of which came in ’66, meaning that in the ensuing 52 years, they’ve racked up a mere FIVE wins in total in the knockout stages.

But how many of those eight defeated opponents can you remember?

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