Paddy Power’s 2018 World Cup Sweepstake Kit

Want to win money from your nearest and dearest on all the drama coming up in Russia? Then just download our kit for free…

Can’t wait for the upcoming festival of football that is the 2018 World Cup in the great state of Russia?

Looking forward to the inevitable, embarrassing England collapse and the Germans schooling the rest of planet Earth on how to take penalties?

We can’t wait either! So, being the sound blokes and lasses that we are at Power Tower, we decided to design you guys a fancy downloadable, printable and winnable 2018 World Cup Sweepstake Kit.

All the great sides are there – Brazil, France and em… Saudi Arabia.

Head over to for the latest World Cup odds

It must be said, Fiona in design has put this one right in the top corner!

Instructions: All you have to do now is grab 32 others and get stuck in.

Click HERE or the link above to print off your sweepstake kit, cut out each team, throw them all into a hat (preferably a (fake) furry one if you have it to hand, but even a football sock will do) and the conduct a completely fair and reasonable draw – making sure the bloke in Accounts you can’t stand draws bloody Panama.

Good luck!