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Chat, Laugh & Punt with Paddy on Facebook Messenger

Ever had the urge to slide into Paddy's DMs? Of course you have. We're going to explain how you can do it.


It’s 2017, so the chances are you probably have a Facebook account. Whether you use that to chat to your mates, look at memes or stalk your ex, we won’t judge you. The good news is: we’re here to bring you a brand new way to use Facebook Messenger, you can now chat directly to Paddy Power.

It’s a one-stop shop for betting AND entertainment. You can chat to us straight through your existing Messenger app using your Facebook account.

Not only can you request prices, you can also get a daily dose of laughs & entertainment. You can see a random funny video every single day, check what team your favourite club is putting out, or even try out the ‘Entertain Me’ button. From there, you’ll get to view a brand new PP video every single day, play free games or even view blog content. Aren’t we good to you?

You can even set up notifications to follow your favourite football team or racing event via Facebook Messenger. For example, if you set your top club as Manchester United, you can expect notifications which give you prices, goal updates, match results and team news just as it is announced. The only thing it won’t do is predict Paul Pogba’s next haircut…

If you’re a racing fan, just type “next races” to see the next few meetings from the UK and Ireland. You’re just another tap away from the full race card for any event at the tap of a button… All you have to do now is back a winner!

PP Spt Pattern Lt Gr Grad CMYK

If you want to get involved, all you need to go is head to Facebook Messenger, and type “Paddy Power” in the search bar. Simply tap the “Get Started” button to get going. The best news of all? We’re guaranteed to reply – unlike your ex.

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