Paddy Power sponsors Seahorse Racing: What’s this madness all about then?

Those ‘creative’ plonkers in the Paddy Power marketing team are at it again…


If football and ordinary horse racing wasn’t enough – now Paddy Power have decided to start sponsoring Seahorse Racing.

That’s right, the new equine-aquatic sport – which promises to take sports betting and entertainment to new depths with all the excitement of horse racing – but underwater. Well, that’s what the official looking document passed across my desk say’s anyway.

Apparently the ambitious project is five-years in the making (although it’s the first we’ve heard about it) and Paddy himself reckons it could be bigger than the Grand National. Eh?

Jockey Ruby Walsh, who was just a few inches too tall to jump on the back of one of the weird creatures, joined Paddy on Live TV this morning to talk about the new project:

All the best odds on Seahorse Racing are at

And it’s even been backed by one of them fancy-title folk in the new product development department:

“Seahorse Racing features all the thrills of normal horse racing, but underwater. It’s been an amazing journey and we’ve learned that Seahorse behaviour mirrors that of their above-water equine counterparts.

“Despite initial challenges with training we’ve found them to be one of the most competitive species on the planet. We think our customers will love it. ”

Of course, Paddy was his usual enthusiastic self: “It’s one of those ideas that’ll sink or swim but we’re delighted to be the first sponsor to take the plunge.

“The little blighters are tough to train and their tiny saddles keeping falling off but I reckon we’ve backed a winner.”

God knows what these lot have been smoking but we’ll go along with it anyway.

What do you think?