Five of the best Wrestlemania pre-match promos of all time

Get pumped for the Granddaddy of Them All by watching these masterful build-ups


With just mere days to the Showcase of The Immortals, we’ve had to do all we can to stop ourselves putting Nigel from Accounts through a table with excitment.

We’ve even got ourselves tickets for Wrestlemania 33 and we’ll be live tweeting from a packed crowd at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Sunday. Keep a close eye on @PaddyPower all week for all the best coverage from wrestling’s SuperBowl.

With the epic event right around the corner, we’ve had a look back at the one thing WWE does better that anyone else and that’s a pre-match video package. We know a good promo when we see it at PP Towers, have you not seen Ruby’s Revenge?

So we’ve had a dig back through all the Wrestlemania’s we can remember and here’s five pre-bout clips – in no particular order – that will get you bang in the mood for Sunday.

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Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker, Wrestlemania 26

While the Wrestlemania 25 match is widely regarded as one of the best of all time, the build-up to their match at ‘Mania 26 was an utter classic.

Michaels’ life went into a downward spiral after The Deadman’s refusal to give him a rematch and he had to turn to dastardly deeds to finally get The Undertaker to agree to go one more time.

It ended up being Taker’s streak v HBK’s career and it was nearly as good the second time around.

Daniel Bryan v Triple H, Wrestlemania 30

It was never meant to be this way, but the WWE universe wouldn’t let it lie when Randy Orton v Batista looked like it would headline Wrestlemania 30.

The ‘Yes’ movement wouldn’t relent until Daniel Bryan was offered the chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight title, but he had to topple The Game and the ruling Authority at the start of the show to do it.

The rise of Bryan was charted in this epic promo and they even roped in Imagine Dragons for the music.

The Rock v Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania 18

The match itself turned the wrestling world on its head, as the crowd in Toronto’s Rogers Centre turned unexpectedly on The Rock and showered affection on the Hulkster.

Lost in all this was the fact that the hype video leading into the ‘Icon v Icon’ showdown was pretty damn special too.

No matter what side of the fence you fall on – Hogan’s or The Rock’s – you’d have to agree we’ll never see the likes of it again, brother.

The Undertaker v Kane, Wrestlemania 20

After his ill-advised American Badass phase, Madison Square Garden witnessed the return of The Deadman we all know and love at Wrestlemania 20.

His brother Kane had betrayed him to back Vince McMahon by burying Undertaker alive at the previous Survivor Series, prompting creepy videos hinting at a ‘Mania resurrection.

The story was packaged together beautifully before the bout and it help to blow the roof off the Garden when that legendary gong hit moments later…

Stone Cold Steve Austin v The Rock, Wrestlemania 17

If we were ranking these videos (and we’re not), this would, without a doubt, be nearly every proper wrestling fan’s number one.

The two men that defined the Atitude Era clashed at Wrestlemania 17 (the best ‘Mania of all time, don’t even argue it) for the WWE title and the promo was nearly as good as the match itself.

Re-watch it in all its glory below and remember the good old days fondly. We can’t wait for Sunday!

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