Watch: Undertaker returns to the graveside for deadly warning to Roman Reigns

It’s under a week to the Granddaddy Of Them All and Raw was off the bloody charts…


It should come as no surprise to our loyal readers that we’ve been infected with wrestling fever ahead of Wrestlemania 33 on Sunday.

In fact, we are so excited for the Showcase of the Immortals that we’re actually heading over there to be part of the live crowd from the Camping World Stadium.

Ahead of that though, there was still one more Raw to take in last night and here’s the best of the action from the Well Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

All the best odds on Wrestlemania are on

Taker’s ‘grave’ warning for The Big Dog

Many wrestling nerds are hoping Roman Reigns will finally show an evil side as he battles The Deadman at Wrestlemania.

Last night he took to the ring to tell Taker that it was ‘his yard’ now, this of course cued the legendry gong.

We won’t ruin what happened next, but as promised there was a graveyard involved…

‘Brace’ yourself for a contact signing

Elsewhere, Triple H and Seth Rollins signed the contract for a Non-Sanctioned match at the event.

Basically an ‘injured’ Rollins has agreed not to sue the company, Triple H and this wife Stephanie McMahon if gets crippled by The Game.

As you’d expect things got physical and Seth’s crutch as heavily involved. Pedigree v Pedigree on Sunday, what’s not to love?

The Beast falls to a ‘Gold-en spear’ yet again

How does Brock Lesnar not see these spears coming, Goldberg only has two moves for goodness sake!

Lesnar, with the legendary Paul Heyman in tow, ended the show by calling out Goldberg before their WWE Universal Championship match at Wrestlemania.

The former WCW champion more than obliged and right predicted that no one wanted to hear them talk. Let’s just say it was on from there:

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