Watch: Goldberg demolish Kevin Owens to claim WWE Universal title in less than 30 seconds

Wrestlemania just got a whole pile bigger…


You probably guessed it was coming, but it was a different thing to see it actually happen as 50-year-old Bill Goldberg was crowned WWE Universal champion last night.

There wasn’t much to write home about while watching WWE’s Fastlane pay-per-view, that is until you get to the main event of course.

WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens had promised everyone from pillar to post that he wouldn’t fall into the same trap as Brock Lesnar and be blasted out of it in record time by former WCW champion Bill Goldberg.

Well, not only did he fall for it – he also went in a faster time than Lesnar, who lost out at Survivor Series, after only lasting a little over 20 seconds in the ring with Goldberg. That’s because just before the match began Owens’ former best friend Chris Jericho would appear to cause a distraction.

The bell rang and a stunned Owen turned right into a devastating Spear from Goldberg, who’d seal the unlikely title victory with a Jackhammer. He now faces Brock Lesnar with the title on the line at Wrestlemania 33, proving anything can really happen in the WWE!

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After winning the title an emotional Goldberg spoke to the WWE’s YouTube channel to say he was “overcome” by it all.

One thing is for sure Raw will be interesting tonight…

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