Watch: Randy Orton burns alliance with Bray Wyatt to the bloody ground

The WWE paid off one of their longest running storylines in a scorching fashion


When 12-time WWE Champion Randy Orton joined The Wyatt Family back in October many wrestling fans wondered what the hell was going on.

Well they got the answer on last night’s episode of Smackdown Live, as The Viper finally struck The Eater of Worlds right where it hurts the most.

Having won the Royal Rumble match in January many thought Orton would turn on Wyatt immediately after Bray won his first WWE championship at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

But things went a different direction a few weeks ago when the master of the RKO vowed not to take on his leader at Wrestlemania, which forced a Number One Contender battle royal last week.

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After former Wyatt member Luke Harper and AJ Styles drew the battle royal, Styles emerged victorious in a match last night to be declared Bray’s challenger at the Showcase of the Immortals. That was until the shocking conclusion to Smackdown Live!

The WWE champ was in the ring spouting about how he’d given Randy the “keys to the kingdom” when Orton popped onto the titantron live from the Wyatt compound. There he explained that the compound was built on top of the remains of Bray’s beloved Sister Abigail and he was going to burn it to the ground.

Bray of course lost his mind as Orton spread flammable liquid (don’t try this at home people) around the compound before finally turning Wyatt and setting it ablaze.

What does this mean for Wrestlemania and for AJ Styles? We’ve no idea, but isn’t that what it’s all about?

You can watch the ‘hot’ segment for yourself below:

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