You spin me right round: Get ten free spins on Paddy Power’s Daily Jackpots

Over £1.2 million has been snatched from Paddy's pocket since the launch of Daily Jackpots last year


Fancy nabbing a Jackpot load of cash from right under Paddy’s nose every single day? Want ten free chances to do just that? Do bears defecate in the woods? Of course you do. And we’re going to tell you how to do it.

Click on this link right here and simply stick your telephone number and details in the boxes provided. You’ll get a clever code sent straight to your phone, and receive 10 free spins on the Daily Jackpot. It’ll be the most exciting thing to happen to your phone since that Tinder match you got the other night…

But what are Daily Jackpots you ask? Well, they are slot games with a big chunky prize that must go before midnight every single day.

As the day goes on, from the moment you eat your cornflakes to putting your head on the pillow at night, the jackpot amount rises until the clock strikes 12. It’s sort of like Cinderella, if Cinderella was shrewd enough to get involved with PP Games.

Since the first Daily Jackpot landed in June 2016, we’ve been stung for a whopping £1.2 million, with 1 in 3 wins claimed with a spin of less than a quid. You Beauty!

Paddy’s eyes started watering when our biggest ever win copped – one lucky punter netted £53,000 off just a 20p spin. That’s enough money to buy 176,666 Freddo bars or 31,360 copies of Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Beddingfield on CD.

The free spins are available to both new and existing customers and require no deposit. There’s never been a better chance for you to win a jackpot!

For full terms and conditions and to claim your 10 free spins, click here.


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