Watch: The Rock calls CM Punk in the middle of the ring; Punk responds

He’s not back, but it’s what we all want…


All was right with the world last night as mega-star The Rock was back in a WWE ring at a Monday Night Raw taping in the Staples Centre.

Ok the disappointing part first, The Great One was just at Raw to film part of his new passion project Fighting With My Family. A film based on the life story of current WWE superstar Paige.

To be fair, even though he didn’t appear on screen in front of the ‘millions… and millions’ of people watching at home. The Rock did put on a show for the live audience before Raw went on air.

While he got up to his usual hijinks in the ring, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment decided to call former WWE champion CM Punk just for the hell of it. Punk fell out of love with wrestling in January 2014, walking out on Vince McMahon after that year’s Royal Rumble and he hasn’t been seen in the WWE since.

Unfortunately the call went straight to voicemail and you can see The Rock’s reaction below:

All the best odds on Wrestlemania are on

Even though he didn’t pick up, it seems Punk definitely got The Rock’s message and responded to it on Twitter.

What’s that you say? One more match…

What do you think?